Start Your Study Design

Welcome to GLIMMPSE. The GLIMMPSE software calculates power and sample size for study designs with normally distributed outcomes. Select one of the options below to begin your power or sample size calculation.

Build common study designs including ANOVA, ANCOVA, and regression with guidance from the study design wizard. This mode is designed for applied researchers including physicians, nurses, and other investigators.
Directly enter the matrices for the general linear model. This mode is designed for users with advanced statistical training.
If you have previously saved a study design from GLIMMPSE, you may upload it here. Click 'Upload a Study Design' to select your study design file.
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Copyright 2016 University of Colorado Denver. GLIMMPSE is released under the GNU Public License version 2.0.
GLIMMPSE version 2.2.4 is funded by NIDCR 1 R01 DE020832-01A1 to the University of Florida (Keith E. Muller, PI; Deborah Glueck, University of Colorado site PI)
Previous funding was received from an American Recovery and Re-investment Act supplement (3K07CA088811-06S) for NCI grant K07CA088811.